Why a certification?

For the individual, it is a recognition of his skills, which will accompany him throughout his career. For the company, it is a way to show your teams, but also your partners (suppliers, customers, investors …), that you are committed to the Lean path and continuous improvement.

Whereas our training courses can be general and cover many aspects of Lean, our certifications are specific to a narrow domain (implementation of 5S, improvement of cycle time-REFA, MTM, MOST, implementation and improvement of management systems … ).

The main reason is that our certifications are demanding. It is a specialization.

A candidate pays for the right to try the certification, not for the certificate. The price includes training, follow-up, support, examination and defense. It does not guarantee the issuance of the certificate.

To be certified, a candidate must:

  • follow the corresponding online training, included in the price of the certification;
  • show knowledge of the theoretical foundations, with an online written exam, at the end of the training. This exam consists of a quiz, with immediate result, but also a submitted essay corrected by our teams; ;
  • demonstrate the ability to transfer knowledge to a level suited to the target audience: the candidate must prepare and deliver training on-site, with our support;
  • accomplish a project related to the subject of the certification and demonstrate the results, with a business case and a defense.

Contact us for more information on certification modalities.

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